Apr 222019
Floating point format

https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19957-01/806-3568/ncg_goldberg.html     Numerical Computation Guide   Appendix D What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic Note – This appendix is an edited reprint of the paper What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic, by David Goldberg, published in the March, 1991 issue of Computing Surveys. Copyright 1991, Association for Computing Machinery, Inc., reprinted […]

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Apr 182019
Measure current - TI Energy Trace

https://web.archive.org/web/20180119022941/http://energia.nu/guide/tutorial_energytrace/ https://43oh.com/2015/09/how-to-measure-an-energia-applications-power-usage-with-energytrace   How to measure Energy profile in Energia with TI Energy Trace This tutorial is based on material originally posted at 43oh.com by Frank Milburn: http://43oh.com/2015/09/how-to-measure-an-energia-applications-power-usage-with-energytrace/ While experimenting with an nRF24L01 radio and MSP430G2553 microcontroller powered by a super capacitor and solar panel, the need to better understand the energy usage became increasingly apparent. I was […]

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Apr 162019

  These Python Tutor users are asking for help right now. Please volunteer to help! user_7b0 from South Korea needs help with Python3 – 3 people chatting – click to help (active a few seconds ago, requested an hour ago) user_69a from Santiago de Cali, Colombia needs help with Python2 – click to help (IDLE: last active 7 minutes […]

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Apr 152019
6502 Assembler

https://www.masswerk.at/6502/assembler.html mass:werk/products/6502 6502 Assembler src: listing: object code: Show the 6502 Instruction Set. Show the virtual 6502 emulator. Show the 6502 Disassembler Instructions

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Apr 062019
Nixie on web page

http://cestmir.freeside.sk/projects/dhtml-nixie-display/   Virtual nixie tube (digitron) display – DHTML component library © 2007-08 Čestmír Hýbl <cestmir.hybl@nustep.net> Current date (NixieDisplay example) skin… Current time (NixieClock example) skin… Calculator (NixieCalculator example) skin… (just type expressions on keyboard as on any basic electronic calculator) [q] sqrt   [Q] sqr   [^] pow   [m] +/-   [p] PI […]

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Apr 022019

https://jeelabs.net/projects/hardware/wiki/JeeNode JeeNode v6 – JN Hardware Reference The JeeNode is a wireless micro-controller board designed for a variety of Physical Computing tasks. From measuring and reporting temperature, humidity, and other environmental data to tracking and controlling energy consumption around the house. It was inspired by the Arduino Duemilanove and Uno boards, and by the “Real Bare Bones Board” (RBBB) from Modern […]

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Mar 242019
How to Install amForth on the Arduino Uno

    Rod Bhar How to Install amForth on the Arduino Uno Posted on October 9, 2015 by Rod Under:Electronics Tagged with:AmForth,Arduino,Forthduino This is a detailed technical article that describes how to set up an Arduino Uno microcontroller board with a version of the Forth programming language called amForth. My regular readers should ignore this post. Stay tuned though […]

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Mar 192019

file:///C:/ti/430eforth-ide/lessons/lesson12.html ( Example 12. Sines and Cosines ) \ Sines and cosines of angles are among the most often encountered \ transdential functions, useful in drawing circles and many other \ different applications. They are usually computed using floating \ numbers for accuracy and dynamic range. However, for graphics \ applications in digital systems, single […]

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Mar 182019
Radio time signals

http://genesisradio.com.au/VK2DX/time_signals.html Receiving, identifying and decoding LF/HF radio time signalsReceiving, identifying and decoding time signals is an interesting and sometimes challenging aspect of amateur radio. Time signals have unique spectral ‘foot print’ which makes them very special! List of active time signal transmitters, received in Australia (except for MSF, TDF and BBC which were received and […]

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Mar 162019

https://skilldrick.github.io/easyforth/ Easy Forth   by Nick Morgan View on GitHub Introduction Adding Some Numbers Defining Words Stack Manipulation Generating Output Conditionals and Loops Variables and Constants Arrays Keyboard Input Snake! The End Introduction This small ebook is here to teach you a programming language called Forth. Forth is a language unlike most others. It’s not functional or object […]

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Mar 142019
Forth-Gesellschaft e.V.

https://www.forth-ev.de/ Forth-Gesellschaft e.V. Wir programmieren Forth Home  :  Mitmachen  :  Erweiterte Suche  :  Statistik  :  Verzeichnis  :  Datenschutzerklärung  :  Forth Büro  :  Impressum  :  Photos  :  Redaktion  :  Download  :  Links  : Umfragen  :  Kalender  :  Wiki Erweiterte Suche   Anmelden Username: Passwort: Passwort vergessen? Infos Was ist Forth? Die Forth-Gesellschaft Mitglied werden Das Forth Magazin Forth-eV Wiki Mikrocontroller-Verleih Drachenpreis Forth Applikationen Forth im Internet Persönliche Kontakte Kategorien Home Nachrichten (84/0) Mikrokontrollerverleih (4/0) Forth Chat (4/0) Archiv (283/0) Schatztruhe (3/0) Tagungen (19/0) Whois? (6/0) Support (7/0) in site (2/0) LaunchPad & 4e4th (10/0) Termine […]

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Mar 142019
4E4th - Forth For Education IDE

http://www.4e4th-ide.org/   4E4th – Forth For Education 4E4th-IDE – the Integrated Development Environment for your MSP430 LaunchPad … The 4E4th-IDE for Windows is a totally Integrated Development Environment for MSP430 LaunchPad Forth for Education –

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Mar 102019
W1209 Thermostat Board

https://github.com/TG9541/stm8ef/wiki/Board-W1209 Board W1209 Thomas edited this page on 23 Dec 2018 · 75 revisions W1209 Thermostat Board The W1209 thermostat module has a STM8S controller, a sensor input, keys, LED display, and a relay. It can be reprogrammed for control, timing, or counting. At a price below $1.50 it can be used for “set and forget” applications. Note: […]

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Mar 102019

Hacking DTM0660L Based Multimeters Kerry D. Wong HOME MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL ABOUT « Quick Review of the ennoLogic eM860T True RMS Multimeter DTM0660 Datasheet Translated » Hacking DTM0660L Based Multimeters March 19, 2016, 2:25 pm In my previous post, I did a review of the 6000 counts ennoLogic eM860T true RMS multimeter. This meter is based on […]

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Mar 022019
Analog computer kit

https://www.grappendorf.net/projects/analog-computer/ ANALOG COMPUTER A modular Analog Computer Kit Inspired by Dr. Vogels Home Brew Analog Computer , this kit consists of various 100×60 cm PCB cards which can be connected together with 2.54 mm jumpers. Each board implements a specific section of the analog computer by Dr. Vogel. Connect the various input and outputs of generators, adders, […]

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Mar 022019
Druzyek RPN calculator

https://joldosh.blogspot.com/ Joldosh’s Electronic Projects Home Current Projects Calculator Projects Other Projects Sunday, February 3, 2019 Tiny Calculator: improved CORDIC Since my last post I have made a lot of changes to the CORDIC routines I was working on. As you can see in the chart above, the new version fits in less than the 4.1k […]

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Mar 022019
Bob Pease in Electronic Design

https://www.electronicdesign.com/analog/what-s-all-spicey-stuff-anyhow-part-25 ELECTRONIC DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES>ANALOG What’s All This Spicey Stuff, Anyhow? (Part 2.5) Bob Pease | Sep 07, 2012 Bob Pease, published October 10, 1991 First, Let’s have an esaeP’s Fable: A person (when I tell the story, I always say it was a Harvard graduate, but you can insult anybody you think is appropriate…) had died and […]

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Mar 022019
Bob Pease analog columns

     JUN APR OCT 23 1998 1999 2000 37 captures 30 Jun 1998 – 19 May 2018  About this capture Welcome to Columns Pease Porridge | Walt’s Tools And Tips Pease Porridge  Bob’s Mailbox (4/19/99) What’s All This CD4007 Stuff, Anyhow? (4/5/99) Bob’s Mailbox (3/22/99) What’s all this book stuff, anyhow? (3/8/99) Bob’s Mailbox (2/22/99) What’s […]

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Feb 132019

http://homepage.cs.uiowa.edu/~jones/bcd/bcd.html   BCD Arithmetic, a tutorial Part of the Arithmetic Tutorial Collection  by Douglas W. Jones THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science Copyright © 1999, Douglas. W. Jones, with major revisions made in 2002. This work may be transmitted or stored in electronic form on any computer attached to the Internet or World Wide Web so long as this notice is included […]

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Feb 092019
Flash Forth on arduino nano Atmega 328 p

FlashForth   otherForth https://weblambdazero.blogspot.com/2016/10/go-forth-with-arduino.html AMForth http://amforth.sourceforge.net/TG/AVR8.html eForth https://github.com/mikalus/eForth43-msp430g2553-naken https://wiki.forth-ev.de/doku.php/en:projects:430eforth:start   Fast- forth https://framagit.org/Jean-Mi/FAST-FORTH   Nano to Nano programming http://unclebod.x10.mx/wp/?cat=2 Bootloader https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ArduinoISP Fuses calculators http://www.engbedded.com/fusecalc/ http://eleccelerator.com/fusecalc/fusecalc.php?chip=atmega328p Own boards http://www.gammon.com.au/breadboard     DOC Cookbook http://amforth.sourceforge.net/TG/Cookbook.html http://www.engbedded.com/fusecalc/     Varius Links:   Nano s ATmega328p https://www.avrfreaks.net/forum/programming-arduino-nano-atmega328p Atmel studio programmer https://www.avrfreaks.net/comment/1747096#comment-1747096 Fuses http://www.martyncurrey.com/arduino-atmega-328p-fuse-settings/

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Dec 282018

THE HALF-BAKED MAKER ABOUT RSS FEED JANUARY 22, 2017 Reverse-engineering the 1977 Unisonic 21 calculator/game (part 1) My Unisonic 21 (S/N 026255) in game mode. My Dad bought this [Unisonic] 21 calculator/game in 1977, when I was eight years old. It is a four-function calculator that could also play [Blackjack (“Twenty-One”)]. I played with it […]

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Nov 032018
Decaping chips

https://zeptobars.com/en/read/open-microchip-asic-what-inside-II-msp430-pic-z80 Part II: How to «open» microchip and what’s inside? Z80, Multiclet, MSP430, PIC and more In this article we’ll continue cracking microchips open. If you’ve missed first article – it’s here. «Canonical» way of opening microchips: Cut a small hole in the center of the chip with a dremel: WARNING!: All operations with acids must be […]

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Nov 032018

https://www.pcjs.org/ BlogAppsDevicesDisksDocsAbout Directory of C:\PCJS.ORG Welcome to PCjs, home of PCx86, the original IBM PC simulation that runs in your web browser. It is one of several JavaScript Machines in the PCjs Project, an open-source project that includes:

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Nov 032018

https://www.pcjs.org/devices/ti57/machine/   TI-57 Programmable Calculator (with Original ROM) This is a demonstration of the PCjs TI-57 Emulator with no diagnostic features enabled. Visit the TI-57 Resources page for more options. The TI-57 Emulator is also available as a Web Application.    

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Oct 052018
Button deboucing

Links: Using the Switches http://www.ganssle.com/debouncing.htm http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/MSP430_LaunchPad_PushButton Embed with Elliot: Debounce your Noisy Buttons, Part I   General purpose input pins Both switches are directly connected between the micro controller pin and ground (0V). Thus when the switch is pressed it will connect the pin to ground and the state of the pin will be read […]

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Oct 032018
MSP430 tutorial Forty-Two, and now?

http://fortytwoandnow.blogspot.com/2012/06/mps430g2-tutorial-microcontrollers.html   Forty-Two, and now? Philosophy, technology (microcontrollers and geek stuff) and whatever I like. Friday, June 8, 2012 MSP430G2 Tutorial – Microcontrollers Hello, I am learning to use & program the MSP430G2 microcontroller from Texas Instruments, so I thought I could write down my notes here as I am planning to use them for […]

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Oct 012018
noForth MSP430

http://home.hccnet.nl/anij/nof/noforth.html april 2018 noForth is an interactive 16-bit stand-alone forth for MSP430. Authors: Albert Nijhof & Willem Ouwerkerk (Mail us) Last update april 2018 You can put the noForth image on a Launchpad and then program the chip using any serial terminal.    

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Sep 302018
RTC Energia examples epoche

https://embeddedcomputing.weebly.com/date-and-time-library.html#   Embedded Computing ABOUT BLOG HARDWARE SOFTWARE IOT TOOLS PROJECTS Date and Time Library Modern MCUs include a RTC, or Real Time Clock, that keeps date and time. The MSP432, CC3200, TM4C123 and TM4C129 include high-level commands to manage the RTC. RTC can be powered by a battery but unfortunately, battery line is hard-linked to main supply […]

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Sep 122018
Emulators written in JavaScript

https://github.com/fcambus/jsemu/blob/master/README.md#calculator-emulators   Emulators written in JavaScript A list of emulators written in the JavaScript programming language. This list started as a compilation of JavaScript emulators posted to Echo JS over the years. If you know about any missing emulators, please consider adding them to the collection: the source for this page is available on GitHub. […]

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Apr 292018
PMI 80

http://www.nostalcomp.cz/owebu.php Znalci určitě poznali legendární jednodeskový cvičný mikropočítač PMI-80, vyráběný Teslou Piešťany od roku 1982. PMI-80 je, slovy soudobých “odborníků” z populárních časopisů o PC, poháněnmikroprocesorem 8080A, který běží na frekvenci 1,11 MHz. Paměť RAM i ROM mají v základní verzi shodně po 1 KB. PMI-80 na obrázku je krásně zachovalý a plně funkční kousek s v.č. 2607. […]

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