Jan 102013



M2 Cabin

Method Homes Builds Precision-Engineered Prefab Structures

Method Homes is a custom manufacturer of precision–engineered, prefabricated, modern structures. Master craftsmen create our modular homes, accessory dwelling units and garages in a process that is 100 percent quality controlled every step of the way. The resulting buildings

are unmatched in quality and eligible for LEED and all other environmental certification. Whether you are looking for a purpose–built structure tailored to your business’s growing needs, a rustic yet energy–efficient cabin, or a full–sized family home, Method can deliver. More →



Portland HOMB arrives at site



Based on hexagonal grid patterns constructed of 30-degree triangles, HOMB represents the ultimate in flexibility. The HOMB building model creates a modular system capable of lifespan space addition and subtraction, residential and commercial applications, flexible and custom floor… Read More →

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