Jul 252012


Radek Jureček & Excel




RJ Tools, new version 0.43 beta

Excel Add-in RJ Tools is a useful collection of tools and expanding features that will simplify and facilitate the work with Excel. Extends Excel 100 tools and 14 functions and is solved by the add-ins.

Excel Add-in RJ Tools I made originally for myself, it’s a set of tools that I personally miss most in Excel. I had no intention to create a supplement that would contain the greatest number of tools and features, but only the most useful and most requested.

After the installation, the menu appears in the RJ Tools menu (Excel 2000-2003) or a new tab in ribbon (Excel 2007-2010). The shortcut menu will be added the information tools to the cell / selection, and calendar.

You can try it. It is for Excel 2000 and higher, tested on version 2002, 2007 and 2010.

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