Dec 232011

Numerical Analysis & Applications

What’s Here?:
The web site contains applications or source code for various numerical algorithm related to technology, engineering and science.Polynomial Zeros:
Particular there has been an emphasized on finding zeros in polynomials. There is well known algorithms for finding these zeros using various methods. The most famous one is the well known Jenkins-Traub method, however there exists other “newton” variations like the one by Madsen from the early seventies or Graeffe method which was reborn by Malajovich and Zubelli. The method by Halley’s, Laguerre‘s is also quite useful. All these different method has been nicely packages into a windows applications that can be downloaded:
Polynomial Zeros

Three of the algorithms are also available as C++ source from the ports section of this web site: Ports
A series of web based tool for finding roots of a polynomial, integration and graphing functions can be used directly from this web page.
Arbitrary Precision:
A collections of C++ source files that allows integer or floating point precision to be performed with any precision. Truncation mode (Round nearest, Round up or Round down) can also be associated with any arbitrary precision floating point numbers. Furthermore two template classes for complex arithmetic and interval arithmetic for arbitrary precision numbers has been added: Arbitrary Precision

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