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TI-59 EMULATOR (and others …)

TI-59 EMULATOR (and others ….)

My interest in the world of computer science was born as soon as I finished high school, before leaving for the university adventure at the Politecnico di Milano, after buying the first issue of a magazine, Micro and Personal Computer in September 1979. So after consulting the “Market Guide”, which was divided between Personal Computers, Programmable Calculators and Microprocessor Cards, and compatibly with the budget available, I decided to buy a programmable calculator. I already had a Texas Instruments SR-10 and a TI-30 so my first programmable “object” was the legendary TI-59 calculator, from Texas Instruments, purchased in October of the same year, after a working summer in high school, followed in 1980 by the PC-100C printer and several Solid State modules .

With the TI-59 I started to program, essentially mathematical programs useful for university courses (Mathematical Analysis 2, Numerical Calculus, Probability and Statistics, etc.) and useful but also games and I also managed to get an article published on a technical magazine of the time, M&P Computer, which due to its length was divided into two parts, on numbers 22 and 23. The article concerned a topic that was very fashionable at the time among users of programmable calculators and that is the so-called ” synthetic programming“which allowed to discover new instructions and features not reported in the user manuals. Even if the article did not reach the results obtained by the various German or American user groups (in hindsight I was about two years late), it was still very interesting and a transcript is available here in PDF version.

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