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UART Serial communication with MSP430 microcontroller


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To use UART communication module of MSP430 microcontroller, first you should understand what is UART communication? What is Serial communication? MSP430G2 launch Pad has on board MSP430G2553 microcontroller. MSP430G2553 microcontroller has one built in circuit for UART. So MSP430G2 launchpad has only on UART communication module which can be used to send and receive data serially.  This board also supports I2C and SPI communication protocols. SPI and I2C are also serial communication protocols.  UART communication is not a communication protocol but a physical dedicated circuit in the form of integrated circuit or embedded inside a microcontroller. On the other hand, both SPI and I2C are communication protocols. you may like to check getting started tutorials on MSP430:

What is UART communication ?

  • UART stand for Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter. UART can transfer data bit by bit serially.
  • There are other parallel communication protocols exists which are used to transfer data in parallel mode like 8 bit at time.   It can transfer only one bit at a time.
  • By parallel communication data can be transferred with high speed. But speed come with cost,  it required as many wires as many bits user want to transfer at a time.
  • Serial communication consists of only two wires, transmission wire and receive wire.
  • Receiver wire is used to receive data sequentially from other UART device.
  • Transmitter wire is used to send data sequentially to other UART microcontroller or device.
  • UART communication pins of MSP430G2 launchPad are shown in figure.UART communication MSP430 microcontroller
  • Pin number three is transmission pin and pin number 4 is a receiver pin.
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