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JeeNode v6 – JN

Hardware Reference

The JeeNode is a wireless micro-controller board designed for a variety of Physical Computing tasks. From measuring and reporting temperature, humidity, and other environmental data to tracking and controlling energy consumption around the house. It was inspired by the Arduino Duemilanove and Uno boards, and by the “Real Bare Bones Board” (RBBB) from Modern Device.

At a glance

What’s on a JeeNode v6, from left to right:

  • 6-pin FTDI-compatible serial I/O port, used for power, re-flashing, and communication
  • 3.3V power regulator which accepts 3.5 … 13V as external power source
  • 8-pin combined Power / Serial / I2C / Extended (PSIX) connector
  • ATmega328P microcontroller by Atmel, with 16 MHz ceramic resonator
  • 2×4-pin combined SPI / ISP connector, with 2 general-purpose I/O lines
  • RFM12B wireless RF module for the 433, 868, or 915 MHz ISM band, by Hope RF
  • short wire – acts as radio antenna (78, 82, 165 mm long, for 915, 868, 433 MHz, respectively)

And on the long sides of the board: two I/O “ports” each, with one analog/digital I/O, one digital I/O, +3.3V, ground, PWR, and interrupt (IRQ) line. All ports have an identical pinout for use with “plugs”.

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