Mar 162019

Easy Forth


by Nick Morgan

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This small ebook is here to teach you a programming language called Forth. Forth is a language unlike most others. It’s not functional or object oriented, it doesn’t have type-checking, and it basically has zero syntax. It was written in the 70s, but is still used today for certain applications.

Why would you want to learn such an odd language? Every new programming language you learn helps you think about problems in new ways. Forth is very easy to learn, but it requires you to think in a different way than you’re used to. That makes it a perfect language to broaden your coding horizons.

This book includes a simple implementation of Forth I wrote in JavaScript. It’s by no means perfect, and is missing a lot of the functionality you’d expect in a real Forth system. It’s just here to give you an easy way to try out the examples. (If you’re a Forth expert, please contribute here and make it better!)

I’m going to assume that you know at least one other programming language, and have a basic idea of how stacks work as a data structure.

Adding Some Numbers

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