May 142014

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  • Blog Post: 96 Line F# Emulator + 960 bytes of HP-35 Microcode

    [Part 3 of the HP Calc series ] In this post, we’ll create a 96-line F# emulator for the HP-35 calculator with which we’ll run the 960 byte (!) ROM image. As you may well know, I am a calculator freak. The 40-year-old HP-35 is an especially wonderful device; being the world’s…
  • Blog Post: Fixing Decades-old Bugs in the HP-35

    [Part 2 of the HP Calc series ] Making the JavaScript-based HP-35 microcode emulator has been a fun little project. Last time we disassembled the original bits from the ROM. I say “disassemble” but really our microcode instructions were an array of JavaScript functions. This time, I’m…
  • Blog Post: Microcode-level HP-35 Emulator (in JavaScript!)

    [Part 1 of the HP Calc series ] I recently started a super-geeky side hobby of collecting vintage calculators and got my hands on a pair of HP calcs. The more I learned about the internals of the devices, the more intrigued I was. Jacques Laporte has an absolutely wonderful site going into crazy…
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