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Texas Insturments LaunchPad MSP430

What is LaunchPad?

LaunchPad is a prototyping board from Texas Instruments, for developing Texas instruments microcontrolers(MCU) MSP430G2XXX applications. MSP430G2XXX are one of the cheapest low power 16bit MCUs, also LaunchPad is one of the cheapest prototyping boards on the market, so this is the reason we are using it in the wlan slovenija project. It also runs at the same voltage level as most of routers(3.3V-3.6V).


The PCB is made from good quality 1.5mm thick double sided PCB, with red soldermask. Holes and pads are metalized and tinned. All the components are on the top side. The PCB has 4 rubber stick pads on the bottom, whitch make it sit nicely on a flat surface. The PCB is made from two main parts, the emulation and the prototyping.

The prototyping part is where the target MCU is.

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