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List of MSP430 Webpages and Blogs

Started by bluehash, Aug 27 2010 02:47 PM
[1] Member Blogs

Gatesphere’s blog / Resources
NJC’s blog
beretta’s blog
jsolarski’s blog
GeekDoc’s blog
Joby Taffey’s blog / Resources
[2] Travis Goodspeed at blogspot (some MSP430 content) and the GoodFET at SourceForge
[3] MSP430 Samples.
[4] SimpleAvr’s Blog
[5] TI’s Learning Community Resource Page. – This is a goldmine.
[6] Robotics Hobbizine – Launchpad Specific + Other pages
[7] PhirePhly’s blog
[8] GeoNomad’s blog
[9] fatihinanc’s blog
[10] Longhorn Engineer’s blog
[11] Markoez’s blog
[12] Greeeg’s blog
[13] Lakeweb’s blog
[14] Nytblade’s blog
[15] Lar’s blog.

C2kCentral – C2000 News, Projects and Forums
Stellarisiti – Join the new Stellaris ARM Forums discussing Stellaris Microcontroller.
43oh – MSP430 Discussion, News, Projects and Hacks
MachineGrid – Robots, Hacks and Technology!
A lot of MSP430 reverse engineering stuff by Travis Goodman. – NJC’s blog – beretta’s blog – jsolarski’s blog – GeekDoc’s blog – my blog, sure to contain a lot of MSP430 stuff as time goes on.
How about TI’s sample order instruction page?…contentId=69854
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