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  hp 49g+ Tutorial course

Outline of exercises

Gilberto E. Urroz – ph. 435-797-3379 – gurro@cc.usu.edu – EC 214 – fax 435-797-1185  

This web site contains links for downloading outlines of exercises for the tutorial course – Links in parentheses allow  you to download files with examples for loading in your calculator.  Many of the programs listed in the User’s Guide, and referred to in the exercises, are available here in ASCII format or Binary format.

Chapter 1 – Getting startedChapter 2 – Introducing the calculator

Chapter 3 – Simple calculations with real numbers

Chapter 4 – Calculations with complex numbers

Chapter 5 – Algebraic and arithmetic operations

Chapter 6 – Solution to single equations (examples)

Chapter 7 – Solving multiple equations (examples) /Using the SOLVR: see Ch. 27

Chapter 8 – Operations with lists

Chapter 9 – Vectors

Chapter 10 – Creating and manipulating matrices

Chapter 11 – Matrix Operations and Linear Algebra

Chapter 12 – Graphics

Chapter 13 – Calculus Applications

Chapter 14 – Multi-variate Calculus ApplicationsChapter 15 – Vector Analysis Applications

Chapter 16 – Differential Equations

Chapter 17 – Probability Applications

Chapter 18 – Statistical Applications

Chapter 19 – Numbers in Different Bases

Chapter 20 – Customizing menus and keyboard

Chapter 21 – Programming in User RPL language

Chapter 22 – Programs for graphics manipulation

Chapter 23 – Character strings

Chapter 24 – Calculator objects and flags

Chapter 25 – Date and Time functions

Chapter 26 – Managing memory

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To read PDF documents download Adobe’s Acrobat Reader





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