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Use Google to Shrink Websites for Mobile Viewing

If you have a phone or mobile device with web access, you enjoy access to the world’s information wherever you. Unfortunately, most of the world hasn’t formatted their information to be easily viewed on your tiny screen! Until this comes about, Google has created a tool to render most websites easily readable on your mobile web browser.

Ads by Google

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  1. 1
    Access the internet on your mobile device.
  2. 2
    Navigate to the following URL into your mobile browser (or try it out on your computer to see the effect):

  3. 3
    Enter the URL of the address you would like to visit and press go.


    Ads by Google

    Kabelky – nákupy online

    Mimořádně nízké ceny kabelek. Obrovský výběr, pohodlný nákup.

View the website parsed into a handy mobile format. Notice that Google has reformatted the website for optimal mobile viewing by removing advertising and shrinking images.

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