Oct 282017



HP Classic Calculator Emulator +



  • Emulates HP01, HP10, HP19C, HP21, HP22, HP25, HP27, HP29C, HP31E, HP32E, HP33E, HP34E, HP37E, HP38E, HP35, HP45, HP46, HP55, HP65, HP67, HP70, HP80, HP91, HP92,HP95C,HP97, HP9100B
  • PC emulator
  • Build a real working calculator that emulates most models
  • Working program cards for HP65, HP67, HP97 and HP9100B
  • Emulates the HP29C continuous memory
  • Functional printer for HP10, HP19C, HP46, HP91, HP95C, HP97 and HP9100B with save option
  • HP9100B also comes with Marked Card Reader, Plotter and Extended Memory Unit
  • Where available, actual code from original documents
  • Simulator, Assembler, Code Trace and Capture, Single Step
  • Text file based program card editor
  • Preassembled HP65 DemoPac1, MathPac1, EEPac1, StandPac1, AVPac1
  • Preassembled HP67 DemoPac1 – Works with HP97
  • USB interface
  • In circuit PIC programming
  • PDF schematic and circuit boards layout
  • Circuit board design supplied in zipped Gerber and Protel v2.8 formats
  • Calculator source code for a Microchip PIC16F1519-20P
  • Printable keyboard overlays for most calculator models
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