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Sigfox CC1310 SDK Demo Users Guide


This user’s guide is intended to help users set up and get started with the CC1310 SIGFOX Demo application. This is a Sigfox Tx only solution. Rx is not supported for CC1310. This document explains how to acquire the hardware and software for the development kit. It also contains instructions on how to get the kit to communicate with the SIGFOX network. Currently only ARIB and ETSI are supported. Support for other regions is currently under development.

Getting Started


A CC1310 LaunchPad can be ordered here


  • CC1310 LaunchPad


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Feb 122017



Simulateurs des HP Classic, avec émulation complète du microcode original, breakpoints et trace de l’exécution

Remerciements aux auteurs, Jacques Laporte & Eric Smith, pour leur formidable ouvrage didactique et historique.


HP-35v2 Java HP-35v4 Java HP-45 Java HP-65 Java HP-67 Java Turing Java


HP-35 Javascript HP-45 Javascript  HP-55 Javascript TI Javascript  Sinclair Javascript Curta Flash
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Feb 122017


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Microcode-level HP-35 Emulator (in JavaScript!)





Ashley Nathan FenielloSeptember 25, 20105

[Part 1 of the HP Calc

I recently started a super-geeky side hobby of collecting vintage calculators and got my hands on a pair of HP calcs. The more I learned about the internals of the devices, the more intrigued I was. Jacques Laporte has an absolutely wonderful site going into crazy detail.

In 1972, Hewlett-Packard amazed the engineering world and killed the slide rule with the release of the HP-35 calculator; the very first hand-held electronic scientific calculator. Most astonishing was that apparently even cute girls loved RPN and were impressed by the device’s ability to do transcendental logarithm and trigonometry functions.

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