Sep 282013

This services follows Frontier’s alternate-airport service from Trenton Mercer Airport which began late last year. It is interesting to note that two of the routes from Wilmington (to Houston and Denver) are longer than any of the routes from Trenton, perhaps enabled by Wilmington’s longer runway. The other three are to locations also served from Trenton.

Today’s Featured Map shows the new service from Wilmington, plus the Trenton service in grey.

Additional Information:

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Sep 272013

Reverse-engineering and simulating Sinclair’s amazing 1974 calculator with half the ROM of the HP-35

I’ve reverse-engineered the Sinclair Scientific calculator. The remarkable thing about this calculator is they took a simple 4-function calculator chip and reprogrammed its 320-instruction ROM to be a full scientific calculator. By looking at the chip, I’ve extracted the original code, reverse-engineered how it works, and written a JavaScript simulator that runs the original code and shows what the calculator is doing internally.

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Sep 162013



Not all batteries are created equal, and good design is rooted in this critical information. That is why we have the best resources on CR2032 batteries, including all of the CR2032 datasheets for the big brands. So don’t struggle for information – come to us first!



  • CR2032 datasheets for all major brands of CR2032 batteries.
  • Articles about designing with CR2032 batteries
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  • CR2032 Datasheet Update

    29 October 2010Our CR2032 datasheet section has been given an overhaul focused on ease of use, getting users to the datasheet they need faster than ever before.

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  • New CR2032 Site Launched!

    05 October 2010CR2032 batteries are prevelant enough to deserve their own website, which we intend to provide.

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Sep 112013

Exploring the TI MSP430 platform with Energia Arduino-compatible IDE

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Over the last year or so Texas Instruments have been literally pushing their MSP430 development platform hard by offering an inexpensive development kit – their LaunchPad. For around ten dollars (not everyone could get it for $4.30) it includes a development board with flash emulation tool and USB interface, two of their microcontrollers, crystal, USB cable and some headers. It was (is?) a bargain and tens of thousands of LaunchPads were sold. Happy days.

However after the courier arrived and the parcel was opened, getting started with the LaunchPad was an issue for some people. Not everyone has been exposed to complex IDEs or university-level subjects on this topic. And to get started you needed to use a version of Code Composer Studio or IAR Embedded Workbench IDEs, which scared a few people off. So those LaunchPads went in the cupboard and gathered dust.

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