Jun 252012
GPS Vizualizer
uTrack GPX track report generator
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Jun 192012


‘‘The succes and prosperity of our company will be assured only if we offer our customers superior products that fill real needs and provides lasting value, and that are supported by a wide variaty of useful services, both before and after sale.’’
Statement of Corporate Objectives
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Jun 162012

For some time there were old BW glass negatives  in boxes and waited for some action. Finaly I tried to scan them with home scaner just to show them to relatives.

Big surprise was that process needed external light and more ower in similar way when you process BW negatives to paper. I needed to estimate intensity (since I could not control time) of light to get best result from variously exposed negatives. Finaly I just used sheet of paper to shade natural light and desklamp to increase lightsource.

One more observation – some condition of light bulb and setting of scaner resulted in zebra effect (possibly from AC in power grid).

It is relly glass!

Pack to scan.



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Jun 072012

Convert your old photos to digital pictures

Using a scanner to archive your memories digitally

By Dave Johnson

My wife recently showed me a photo, taken five years ago, of our daughter. It was so precious that I almost cried. I’d forgotten how young she looked. According to my wife, that photo had been buried at the bottom of a shoe box, where no one could appreciate it. In that moment, I decided to convert all my old photos into digital pictures so I’d be able to see those gems anytime, without digging out storage boxes from the garage or, worse yet, losing them altogether.


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