Sep 302011

Encoding text with GM bacteria

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Science Now reports on a project from David Walt (Tufts) and George Whitesides (Harvard) to come up with a steganographic text-encoding scheme that uses bacteria to encode messages and selective antibiotics to reveal them. It was conceived of in response to a DARPA challenge to devise non-electrical text-encoding, but its applications include adding text-based information to GM crops that can be read in the field (or in the market) to determine what’s being grown.

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Sep 252011

Neutrino Surprise

To the shock of the physics world, news broke Thursday that the OPERA experiment had clocked neutrinos going faster than the speed of light between CERN and Italy’s Gran Sasso Laboratory 730 kilometers away. Very soon, it became clear there were two possibilities. The first, that the measurement was correct, would mean the shattering of a fundamental constant in physics. The alternative is that despite due diligence in finding an explanation, experimenters had overlooked a source of systematic error. Now physicists are scouring the results, published on arXiv, for an explanation as other neutrino experiment scramble to try to repeat the results. Until then, you can read our bloggers’ takes on this exciting news, as well as a live blog from the CERN presentation on Friday.

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Sep 132011

The ERmicro store recently got its hands on a Launchpad. Instead of going about the usual way of trying out a blinky example, they went ahead and tried it on a Line Follower Robot which they already had ready for testing an analog version of  a LM324 Quad Op-Amp Line Follower Robot with Pulse Width Modulation. The build goes into great detail with neat schematic diagrams and excellent explanations and illustrations. This is an excellent resource for beginners getting into actuator control and the Launchpad.


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Sep 012011

HP today marked 30 years of innovation and industry acclaim with a limited-edition HP 12c Financial Calculator, the gold standard of business calculation.

HP also reintroduced the HP 15c Scientific Calculator, first launched in 1982. The 15c is one the most advanced scientific calculators in the HP line-up and an essential tool for scientists and engineers. Also featuring RPN entry, the 15c is programmable and offers built in support for complex numbers, matrix math, numeric integration and root solving.

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