Aug 212011

Code samples, tutorials, manuals, eshops links to start with TI LaunchPad MSP430 embedded development board

Embedded Lab – not only MSP430
Fully instructional tutorials, experiments and projects will guide you to learn about microcontrollers and embedded systems on your own.

Various ideas

Eshop, shipping 4$:

Does your refrigerator turns the light off

Analog sensors (robotics)

Kenneth Bicolor clock

Launch scope NJC

RGB LED in the jar EE Fail

Assembler for LP tutorial

LCD control

Scientific instruments blog David tutorial

Enrico basic and ADC tutorial

Sparkfun parts – tutorial beginners kit

TI – Drive LED (external)

TI wiki comunity

plazma said…
There are 3 ebooks available.
-MSP430 Microcontroller Basics
-Embedded System Design Using the TI
MSP430 Series
-Analog and Digital Circuits for Electronic
Control System Application; Using TI
MSP430 Microcontroller
A book review could be useful so people
know what book is good for noods and
what is for pros’.

RGB led

Robot that follows the line

GWDeveloper said…
Thanks for the great information. I
‘ported’ your code over to CCSv4 using
the Grace plugin to set the registers. The
code is posted at
Grace if anyone is interested.
Ion said…
I modified it to work with TI CCS tool

LCD display hook up

Grace – graphical interface for programing

TI msp project examples

Petr Dunaj projekty

RGB led strips

Eshop worldwide shipping 1.99?

RGB lamp control for Arduino

Arduino solar panel tracking

Arduino sensors knock

From MP

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